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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance

CAA-Quebec’s official insurers, belairdirect and Intact Insurance, offer members a full range of unique protections at advantageous conditions.
Find out more about their exclusive privileges for you!
belairdirect, official insurer of CAA-Quebec Intact Insurance, CAA-Quebec's official insurer
Think of belairdirect as your online source for car insurance. Rather discuss your car insurance needs with a broker?
belairdirect, automobile insurance Intact Assurance, CAA-Quebec's official insurer
Or dial 1 888 270-9111 Or dial 1 888 794-6666
Capsule of the month

Your auto insurance premium demystified!

You may wonder how insurance companies set your auto insurance premium. A number of factors come into play, all of which are related to the probabilities that you’ll be involved in an auto accident. Let’s look at some of the main criteria involved.
Type of vehicle
The make and model of your vehicle, as well as the cost of its replacement, repairs and parts, directly affect the premium amount. For example, vehicles that are most often stolen cost more to insure.
Driving recordIf you have an exemplary driving record – for instance, with no claims or Highway Safety Code violations – you could benefit from a better rate.
Mature drivers are less likely to have accidents than younger drivers, especially teenagers. Premiums are generally higher for drivers under 25 and over 70.
Place of residence
The chances of being involved in an accident are greater in large urban centres than in regions. It also applies for the frequency of car theft. That’s why the place where you live is a factor in your premium calculation.
Type and frequency of travelThe more time you spend in your vehicle, the greater the risks. If you live far from your work or use your car for your professional activities, this too will be taken into consideration when calculating your premium.
In short, nothing is left to chance in setting your auto insurance premium. A rigorous process based on a range of factors is followed to ensure that your premium is fair, equitable and adapted to your personal situation and risk level. 
A capsule from belairdirect and Intact Insurance.
Insurers do not all offer the same coverages.

Life insurance or mortgage life insurance?

Life insurance or mortgage life insurance?

CAA-Quebec - Life insurance or mortgage life insuranceAre you a homeowner, or about to become one? Have you thought about whether you would be able to keep up with your mortgage payments in the event of your spouse’s death? Buying a home is a major investment, and it is important to protect it when the time comes to get or renew a mortgage.
Many buyers are unaware that there are two options available for insuring the mortgage on their property:
  • Mortgage life insurance or
  • Life insurance
Life insurance offers better coverage and flexibility when compared to mortgage life insurance. See for yourself:

Product features
Mortgage life insurance
Life insurance
Coverage amount Covers only the balance of the mortgage (amount due to the lending institution at the time of death).
As the mortgage balance declines, so does the coverage amount of insurance.
Covers the total amount of insurance chosen when you took out the policy.
This amount remains the same over time according to the term of the contract.
Premium As the mortgage balance and the amount of insurance decline, the premium remains the same. As the mortgage balance declines, the amount of insurance and the premium remain the same.
Beneficiary (in the event of the policyholder’s death) The beneficiary is the lending institution. The beneficiary (e.g., spouse, parent, child, co-owner) is designated by you, the policyholder, in a contract.
The beneficiary is free to use the benefit according to his or her priorities.
Change of lending institution Normally, you must apply again for a new mortgage insurance contract. You keep your existing insurance and do not have to re-establish proof of insurability.
Sale and repurchase of the property You must apply again for a new mortgage insurance contract. You keep your existing insurance and to not have to re-establish proof of insurability.

Monday, April 11, 2011