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Monday, January 17, 2011

Solidarity Tax Credit


Starting in the 2011 taxation year, citizens can claim the solidarity tax credit, a new tax credit that replaces the tax credit for individuals living in northern villages, the property tax refund and the QST credit.

In order to help your clients who are entitled to the credit, we ask that you inform them that they must register for direct deposit with Revenu Québec to receive payments of the solidarity tax credit.

To this end, we will send you information brochures about the solidarity tax credit, in which a direct deposit registration form (LM-3-V) is included, as well as return envelopes. You can therefore give a brochure and an envelope to any client who has not yet registered.

For more information, contact our client services at 418 659-6299 if you are in the Québec City area, at 514 864-6299 if you are in the Montréal area or, toll-free, at 1 800 267-6299.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Service à la clientèle

Revenu Québec

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