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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First National - Lifestyle

First National - Lifestyle

5 low-cost ways to update your decor in 2010

5 low-cost ways to update your decor in 2010

Add style and charm to your home without spending a lot of cash. You can borrow from today’s hottest paint colours and trendy expert ideas and, with a bit of your own ingenuity, give a tired room a designer’s touch. Here are five ideas to update your look:

Get the picture.

Hang and display your photos in dramatic or distinctive configurations. Idea: Unite the look of different images by painting all the frames the same colour.

Brush it up.

Adopt one of this year’s hottest colours for a fresh palette on your walls: blue-green, acid yellow, and shades of ocean blue. Don’t skip the prep work (filling cracks, sanding, cleaning, and priming), since these fixes can make any paint job look better and last longer.

Look underfoot.

Instead of using carpeting, consider natural fibre weaves. Sisal, coir, jute, bamboo, cork, and rush are fashionable floor coverings that can be as easy on the eyes as on the environment.

Box in your storage.

Today’s top design experts recommend turning tired-looking storage space into fabulous built-ins. Paint the back wall of your shelving units a bold colour, or install floating glass ledges on a wall or alcove.

Reinvent your furniture.

Get brave and sand and repaint your old dining chairs and table with black semi-gloss paint. For durability, add three coats of polyurethane.

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