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Friday, June 25, 2010

CoolRent is proud to present - a powerful marketing tool. It tracks changes to interest rates, exchange rates, sport results, etc. and posts them to your Facebook, blogger or wordpress blogs, or sends a personalized email to you, or your client. Data Tracker can publish just the changed data or can publish all rates after any change.
RSS feed or third party services like, can be used to transfer your email to all social networking services.

Please check our demos:
• Facebook:
• Blogger:
• WordPress:

Data-Tracker is intended to help mortgage broker to reach their clients and procpects and inform them of any changes to the interest rates. automatically posts to your Facebook and/or blog every time there is a change to the interest rates, so you will have information of the changes and not only a “dry” sheet with actual rates
Using to automatically publish on your Facebook and/or blog the latest changes of the interest rates will give your clients the opportunity to compare rates and trends and to be informed.

Also your clients will receive a personalized email every time interest rates are changed and they can make adequate and inform decisions – either to enter the market, or to wait, or perhaps convert from variable to fix rate.
Sending valuable information and keeping in touch with your clients or prospects will increase your success
Having information of any changes to the interest rates (not just actual rates, but also any changes) and keeping your clients and prospects informed is priceless – for anything else use!

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