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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Join Montreal supporters in a local Stop The Meter petition drive on Saturday, February 26 at 1 PM

Dear Pro-Internet Supporters,
Because of you, the CRTC was forced to reconsider its decision to allow usage based billing (Internet metering) to take over Canada. This was a big win for the pro-Internet community, but this is far from over. The review of Internet metering is open for public comments, but we can be sure that Big Telecom is exerting significant pressure on the CRTC to move forward with less affordable Internet access. We need your help to call on the CRTC to stop the meter and end Internet caps. 

Join Montreal supporters in a local Stop The Meter petition drive on Saturday, February 26 at 1 PM. This is part of the Stop The Meter National Day of Action.

We are encouraging Montreal supporters to print off the Stop The Meter CRTC petition, meet at a central location on February 26th (for example a coffee shop, campus, or library), walk around, and ask Canadians to help us call on Ottawa to Stop The Meter on Internet use. The signed petitions will then be collected and mailed to the office, where the feedback will be relayed to the CRTC. This is vitally important as we build our case that Canadians want open, accessible and affordable Internet access. 

To find out more about your local Stop The Meter National Day of Action, please check out your organizing team's Facebook page and Google Group.

Be creative! Why not dress up as meter maids to spark people's curiosity, or write a Stop The Meter theme song? We'll be helping local petition drive teams to invite local media to help spread the word that the CRTC is still reviewing UBB and that this is far from being a closed case. 

For more information on the Stop The Meter Day of Action email our event coordinator Glyn at

For the Internet,

The Team

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